Well it’s almost that time. Only 1 more week until we will be flying to Fukuoka Japan!

The first part of our flight will be 10 hours and 45 minutes, which is the longest time I’ve ever flew before, so that’ll be ‘fun’. After that I got a 4 hour layover and then another flight off only 2 hours.
Overall, not the worst I’ve heard from people. I’ll bring enough entertainment for me to enjoy on-flight when I’m not sleeping. Cause at least for the almost 11 hour flight, I’ll be trying to sleep for most of it.

Once we arrive and go through customs and what not, we’ll be taking the Kuko line towards the place we’ll be living. After having done some research I’ll instantly go for an IC card, seeing as they can be used on any type of public transportation in the city.

After we arrive at our residence I hope to go pick up my pocket wifi around Hakata Station, enjoy some dinner, and a good nights rest.

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I'm a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, studying Software Engineering and Game Development.
This semester I'll be interning in Japan, and I'll be blogging the whole experience for you to enjoy!

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