The First Flight

Well, today is finally the day. At 5pm on the 30th of August we’ll be departing from Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam) to Shanghai (PVG) where we’ll transfer over to our plane to Fukuoka, Japan.

While we booked all our flights with Chinese Eastern Airlines, the first flight was done by their partner KLM (Royal Dutch Airline), which is one of the most well known Dutch Airlines in terms of quality. 

We were located in the front part of the plane, right at the wing, which gave us a beautiful view when there was something other than clouds to look at!

The quality

I must say, everything on-flight was definitely high quality.
We got a pillow, a blanket, about 6 drinks, 2 meals (dinner & breakfast), some midnight snack (chips) 

Our Dinner – Chinese style

While it may look scarce and a lot like air plane food, cause well, it is. It was really tasty! (it even had a dutch stroopwaffel desert!)

The in-flight entertainment system

Every chair had their own little touch screen TV to play with. It was great! They had the latest movies like star wars infinity (I watched Disney Coco my self since I missed out on that one when it came out), some older TV shows like Bones and NCIS. You could even see where the plane was currently flying, the route it was taking, and even the speed and altitude of the plane!

The flight it self

The flight it self wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. A lot, and I say a lot of turbulence. We even had a moment where it fell like we were free falling for a few seconds!
Luckily our pilots managed to pull through and got us through it, but the whole flight was kinda bumpy due to the weather. Which as someone who is a bit afraid of heights, didn’t do me well and caused me to miss most of my sleep in this 10 hour flight

Over All

The flight over all was a cool experience in terms of quality, but terrible in terms of turbulence, and time. 10 hours is a long long time to fly!

In my next post about August 31st, I’ll talk about my 2nd flight from Shanghai to Fukuoka, Japan.

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I'm a student at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, studying Software Engineering and Game Development.
This semester I'll be interning in Japan, and I'll be blogging the whole experience for you to enjoy!

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